Saadia ShamsieFounder

    “Hand me a book and put me on a plane to anywhere – I’m the happiest girl in the world! Keep me in one place for too long and I become obnoxiously restless!” This pretty much sums up Saadia.

    Traveling since the age of 7 months, Saadia’s father played an instrumental part in her wanderlust. Never outright stating the benefits or importance of travel, he made sure the family traveled a lot. In his eyes, it was the best form of education. These countless road trips and annual international trips would be the catalyst to a lifelong desire to wander the world.

    Saadia is a planner and has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). She loves researching destinations, creating itineraries, and while not strict about following them, she likes to have background knowledge of everywhere she goes. Ask her what she’s doing in the next five years, she has no clue, ask her what trips she’s got planned, and she’ll spit out her itinerary instantaneously. When she’s not traveling or writing about travel, she’s writing about food, life and reading five or six books simultaneously.

    Saadia graduated with an IT degree, eventually leading to a career in the US Army and US Navy.  Her ability to connect to people and inspire others through her travel stories is just one of the many facets of her interesting life.  In addition, Saadia is a trained classical dancer and has just wrapped up 22 years of teaching dance.  A truly multi-talented woman all around, her love for travel radiates with much power when travel-related conversations happen.

    Saadia’s biggest takeaway from travel is the learning experience; she absorbs moments in such a way that every destination, no matter how big or small changes her. She attributes her open-mindedness and understanding of humanity and the world to her travels.

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