Kapil DesaiFounder

    Kapil has vast experience consulting at Fortune 100 Corporations in various industries (Pharmaceutical, Finance & Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance to name a few), and with his business acumen, he made a sharp decision to develop his passion into something meaningful to help others discover our world in different ways and full of positivity. Travel is very important to Kapil; he truly believes it is the best form of education one can receive to remain humble and gain discipline.

    In addition, Kapil has a unique perception when it comes to capturing travel moments through photography. Incredibly meticulous about every frame of a shot, he will spend however long it takes to ensure that the moment Telecommunications in real life is what you’ll see as a viewer in reel life. It’s not about the camera for him, it’s about the vision.

    A wanderlust himself, he is known for spontaneous travel. One minute he’s contemplating on where to go and the next minute (literally) he buys a ticket to a destination and is set to leave the same day! Yea, it doesn’t get more spontaneous than that, folks. With his spontaneity comes a lot of last minute everything, which includes boarding the plane as the last passenger, often. Kapil is passionate about airports, airlines, and visual concepts. So if you read about these three topics on the blog, chances are, he’s the source.

    Two of Kapil’s non-travel passions are fitness and Latin music. If you ever step into his car and think you hear a distant noise in the background, turn up the volume, it’s Latin music playing on his radio! Kapil is serious about leading a healthy lifestyle, which travel does not often inherently lend itself to. So, you can be sure that if Kapil is traveling to a destination, the only research he will have done is whether or not there is access to a fitness center nearby.

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