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easyJet is a London based budget airlines and it does not pretend to be anything else. It operates both domestic and international routes to 32 countries. easyJet is ranked at no. 43 on the top 100 airlines in the world (skytrax 2017).

This was our fourth time flying them. Read our full review below to see why we are likely to fly them again, as long as the price is right.


Flight Details (To Berlin)

Flight no: EZ4556

Date of travel: October 9, 2016

Route: CPH to SXF

Time: 6:00pm

Aircraft: Airbus A320

Flight Details (To Copenhagen)

Flight no: EZ4553

Date of travel: October 13, 2016

Route: SXF to CPH

Time: 7:20am

Aircraft: Airbus A319


The Airbus A319 and A320 are both short to medium range, twin-engine, narrow body commercial passenger jetliners. The A319 is a shortened-fuselage variant of the Airbus A320 and has been in service for 20 years. easyJet is currently the largest operator of the A319. So chances are, if you fly with them, you’re more than likely to be flying on this jetliner.

Extra Charges

Like most budget airlines, there are extra charges for checked luggage, allocated seat (if desired), early boarding, fast track security, additional cabin bag and food.

However, easyJet does not enforce a mandatory seat fee (so as long as you are OK with them selecting them for you). We love this about easyJet because the final cost of your airfare does not exceed too much from what you are initially quoted. They allow one free carry-on of standard size and weight (22 in/56 cm – no weight restriction as long as the passenger is able to load and unload from the overhead bin without assistance), which is more than what we get with budget airlines in the US such as Spirit, Frontier, etc.


For a budget airline, easyJet was clean. The seat pockets were neat, the space between the seats were clean. Honestly, there was nothing to fuss over, and not much more to ask for.

Customer Service

The customer service has been a mixed bag. On our most recent set of flights with easyJet the inflight crew, check in desk and gate staff were all very kind and friendly. However, there was a huge mess during the check in process at the Schoenfeld (SXF) airport in Berlin. There were several flights departing at the same time, and passengers were being pulled out of the check in line left & right, so that they could make their flight(s). All because easyJet only had three staff members out of a possible 9 (or so) that could’ve been there; we nearly missed our flight (making it to the gate with minutes to spare). Seeing that we had arrived at the airport two hours prior to our flight and still almost missed it, that kind of “service” is unacceptable. No apologies issued, no explanations given.

As it turns out, this was not our first time having issues at the check-in desk with the airline. Many years ago, on a previous flight from Nice to Copenhagen, the check-in staff was extremely rude to us. It appears as though the problem has not been rectified.


As expected of budget airlines, easyJet has food available for purchase on flights. They brand their meals as “Locally sourced sandwiches, artisan snacks and fresh flavorful juices. Whatever you fancy, whatever time of day, we have something to please your palate.” Our flights have been far too short for us to indulge in their meals to be able to report back on the quality of it.

In-flight Entertainment

To keep costs down, easyJet does not offer inflight entertainment like movies and music. They do offer their own in flight magazine.

In summary, we recommend easyJet for short haul flights when the deals are excellent (compared to other airlines for your same destination) because with easyJet you get exactly what you pay for.

Have you flown easyJet? Was your experience better or worse than ours?

Share your feedback below because we would love to know your thoughts!

Happy and Safe Travels!

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