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On our first trip to Paris, 12 years ago, we stumbled upon L’as Du Fallafel in Le Marais. Since then, we have made it a tradition to eat what we feel are the BEST falafel we’ve ever had, every time we are in the city. Oh, and we’ve had plenty of falafel around the world! The owner has been running the small eatery since 1979 and we have never seen the place without a long line. Luckily, the line moves fast because the staff is incredibly efficient!



There are two lines, dine-in to the right of the storefront and take away to the left. We have never dined inside, because we just find the atmosphere of standing on the streets and eating this delicious, albeit slightly messy sandwich to be oh so satisfying! But perhaps one of these days we’ll sit inside to experience what the must be like.

Las Du Fallafel – Click for Video

If you decide to take away, know what you want before you get in line because they will take both your order and your payment well before you get to the counter. If you are unsure of what you want, simply ask; the staff are very friendly. This is a cash only joint, so come prepared. The nearest ATMs are on Rue de Rivoli and Rude des Archives.

Not sure if you want to dine in or take out? Perhaps the fact that it costs €6 to take away and €8 to dine in may help you decide. Although not a huge difference, €2 euros is still €2.


We have only tried the falafel sandwiches, because after all, you can’t visit a place with falafel in the title and not order it but the menu offers plenty of other scrumptious items such as shawarma, kebab, chicken, etc.

The falafel sandwiches are however, unlike anything you’ve had before. Thick, warm pita bread is filled with light, crisp, freshly fried falafel balls, pickled red and white cabbages, roasted eggplant (this is what makes it extra delicious in our opinions), hummus, cucumbers, all doused in harissa and tahini. All the ingredients are layered twice so in every bite, you get a taste of everything.

The heaping serving also ensures that your stomach is just as satisfied as your taste buds. Easily one of the most cost effective and mouthwatering meal you’ll have in Paris. For two falafel sandwiches and 2 bottles of water, we paid €17.


Address: 32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France

Nearest Metro Station: St. Paul

Next time you’re in Paris, definitely have lunch here. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Have you eaten at L’As Du Fallafel? Do you love it as much as we do?

Do you have a different place you recommend instead?

Share below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

As always, Happy and Safe Travels!







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