FAQ for Spirited Navigators’ Custom Itineraries

Why should I use Spirited Navigators?

We are experts in our field and have provided great value to novice and expert travelers all around the world! We have and continue to travel all over the world ourselves, and have a vast amount of experiences and years under our belt. You can count on us because we know that sometimes planning a trip can be dauntingly overwhelming and stressful. We will not only plan your trip but will hopefully inspire and make you a better traveler along the way. We strive for that!

We take continuous training and education to ensure we are always up to speed with the latest offerings of the travel industry. We are proud members of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), accredited by the International Air and Transport Association (IATA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In addition, we are Certified Specialists with the Switzerland Tourism, Ireland Tourism, Spain Tourism boards, and a National Geographic Journeys Specialist! We are travel partners of Sandals Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Lindblad Expeditions, G Adventures, Globus, and all the major ocean and river cruise liners! So whatever you need help with, chances are we’ve got you covered!

We take great pride in our work. We customize your travel plans that suit your specific interests, preferences and travel style!  Looking forward to curating a memorable trip for you!

How long does it take to receive the itinerary?

Our form allows you to select when you would like your itinerary; earliest available date is always one month out.  Based on your selected date, we will deliver the final copy accordingly.

Note, we do offer expedited service for a fee of $99 on all our plans. If you select expedited service, we will work closely with you to deliver the final product 2 weeks from your request submission. Although it is very rare, and almost never occurs, should you require revisions, we cannot guarantee a turn around within the 2 week timeframe.

We strive to deliver the highest quality travel plan(s) for you. In order for this to happen, we kindly request that you keep all channels of communication open so that we can become one team when curating the best travel plan for you!

I am traveling in less than 3 weeks, can you create a travel plan for me?

We take all travel planning seriously, and to prepare and deliver highest quality of work, we are only accepting trips that are lined up one month out and beyond.  Our customers are very important to us, and to curate your travel plan carefully requires deep focus and attention to details. As a result, we ask that you submit your request as soon as possible.

However, all is not lost! We offer expedited service for a fee of $99 on all our plans. If you decide to use our expedited service, you will get your itinerary within a 2-week timeframe. Just note, we do not take requests that are one week or less.

I have never traveled before…can you help me?

Absolutely!  We have helped many never-traveled individuals before, and we will take great care in curating a trip that is suited just for you to ensure you feel comfortable!  Fear not, Spirited Navigators will plan great things for you!  You should definitely book one of our  custom itineraries! 🙂

Do you specialize in Honeymoon and Group Travel?

Yes, we offer itineraries for special occasions such as Honeymoon and group travel (7 or more people is considered group). Please choose the “Special Occasions/Group Travel” single-select option on our Custom Itineraries page and we will review your form and back to you within 48 hours.

I’m a solo traveler – are your services ideal for me?
I love the itinerary you created for me, how do I book my activities?

When we custom create an itinerary for you, we will give you the information regarding how to make the bookings for each aspect of your itinerary. For packages including activities, give us your selections, and we will book them for you!

What if I am uncertain about where I want to go?

That is not a problem at all! Our packages are catered for those who are unsure of where they want to go and also for those who are uncertain of when they would like to go.

Our travel questionnaire will guide you through questions that will tell us the type of traveler you are, what your budget is (no worries if you are unsure at this point), what you are looking for on your trip, amongst many other details. Once you submit the form and complete the payment process, we will review your form in detail and get back to you with some great destinations and timeframe to choose from! So don’t worry at all!  No matter what stage of the planning process you are in, we can help!

I don’t like to follow strict itineraries, which package is right for me?

We understand not everyone wants a day-by-day itinerary and sometimes you are just looking for a list of things to do and the best way to get from points A to B, etc. In such situations, we recommend considering the Basic package or one of the single-select options we offer. Visit our Custom Itineraries page to book the one that is right for you!

What if I don’t like my itinerary?

With the Premium and Platinum packages, you receive unlimited number of revisions, so we will ensure you are happy with the final results.

The Basic package and the single-select options have very specific questions that can only result in outcomes that will be to your liking. We give you exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, there are no revisions on the Basic package or single-select options.

What if I want to mix and match services?

If you want a single option like booking accommodations or researching flights, etc. check out our single select options on the travel services page.

If you are looking to book two of the single select options, but not the premium nor platinum packages, then you may make two separate single select purchases.

However, if you are looking for 3 or more items, we highly recommend you consider the premium or platinum packages as they may be much better suited for your needs.

Do you have sample itineraries?

Our itineraries are completely customized for each client, therefore, we do not offer our itineraries for viewing for free. If you would like to know more about what our clients have to stay about us, check out the testimonial page. We are super confident you will be happy with our services; we are known to go above and beyond for our clients!

I’m not sure which package is right for me. Do you offer a consultation?

If you are unsure of which package is right for you, please contact us and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction!

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. Once you fill out the form and go to the complete payment page, you will see a sales tax added to your subtotal.

How do I pay?

To make it as simple as possible for our customer, we use PayPal for all our transactions.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We are extremely skilled at what we do and we put in hours and hours of work into every single itinerary we create. We will answer all your questions to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. As a result, we have a strict refund policy on all our itineraries. All itineraries are are non-refundable after 24-hours of placing such order.  After that, the client is responsible for the full charges and any changes requested by the client will incur a change fee unless the client is changing a Package selection. For instance, if the client purchases the Basic Package, but later decides to switch to the Premium or Platinum Package, the client will pay the difference in price between the two packages. There is no additional “Change Fee.” Please note, a “downgrade” in service plan only available within the 24-hour window.  After 24-hours, there will be no refund of the cost difference.

Spirited Navigators planned our recent trip to Italy and it was excellent. The plans and hotels were perfect. We felt a good balance between included in the planning and hassle free. The team was very flexible with any changes that needed to be made and even last minute ones. Will absolutely use for a future trip and highly recommend.
Arsha Venkat
My family is a repeat and lifetime clients of Sprites Navigators team. Saadia and Kapil are exceptional at what they do and we would never a plan a trip (spending thousands) without leveraging their expertise. This year specifically they helped us plan for Spring break in Portugal. In just 8 days we were able to cover 5 cities in depth with private tours. They had planned EVERYTHING for us…show bookings, hotels, transfers from airport/hotels, any other advance reservations we wanted including restaurants. We just had to show up!!! Not just that…they even provided real time support via WhatsApp while we were on the trip. It was my son’s first trip to Europe and team SN made it very special and enjoyable. SN is part of our travel essentials now. They are also planning our summer Iceland tour with 9 people. We can’t wait for that!
Excellently organized trip. Our family used spirited navigators for our trip to Turkey. Always responded to any concerns or questions no matter what the time Provided expert tour guides and very comfortable vehicles thru out our trip. Highly recommend spirited navigators.
Anupama Sunkavalli
Our first trip to Tahiti truly could not have been planned any better thanks to Spirited Navigators . They took care in the planning process to form an itinerary that was custom to me and my husband’s requests and beyond.They took the time to formulate an itinerary which included our tickets for the flight confirmation, a lot of accommodations, transportation, day by day itinerary,( it couldn’t be more easy then that ), a list of restaurants in and out or hotel, logistics, tour and activities confirmation ( including tickets) and of course their extra that I definitely LOVE IT the fun facts!. I just want to say that Spirited Navigators were awesome throughout the entire process and trip. Thank you so much guys. We highly recommend SpiritedNavigators travel agency! They always go beyond your expectations! We will ALWAYS use them for any of my future trips.
Spirited Navigators went above and beyond their contractual obligations in making our multiple trips most memorable.
Ramana Koganti
3 months ago Spirited Navigators organized a trip for our group of fifty to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks. They meticulously worked on a itinerary that kept us nimble and ensured we were productive everyday. They were able to pivot quickly to a new hotel when the flood situation arose at Yellowstone. We were able to cover almost everything originally planned. The bus organized by them was luxurious and driver was very nice. We couldn’t have organized such a complex trip ourselves. All in all everyone enjoyed the trip and had a fabulous time.
Sreedevi Mandalapu
Spirited Navigators did a great job and helped create a wonderful travel experience. All the arrangements were outstanding (flights, accommodations, ground transportation and activities) we could not have asked for a better managed itinerary.
As a seasoned traveler, I never thought to use a Travel Planner. In the midst of Covid, we decided to ask for help to book a much needed trip. All our quirky and very specific asks were considered in planning our trip by Spirited Navigators. We have a little one with health issues in the midst of Covid so we were naturally worried. Every last detail was handled for our trip including all our daily excursions. There wasn’t any part of our trip left to surprise. The itinerary was so detailed and organized which helped ease all our worries going into the trip. As we were making it through our trip, I realized that I didn’t have to really do anything as the designated family planner and decision maker for trips and itineraries. It was completely stress free and so much more enjoyable. I have recommended Spirited Navigators to friends who are seasoned travelers also who came back and told me they have never experienced trips so well planned and detailed. All our trips are now planned by Spirited Navigators.
Sean M.
Spirited Navigators were super reliable, has so so many options for food, sights, ands things to do during their planning of my trips. I've used them multiple times now and don't even think about going on any trips without using them. So worth it, super knowledgeable and insightful. ❤❤❤❤
Ann Nguyen
I found Spirited Navigators by accident but am SO HAPPY I did. The service they provide for the the price is unmatched. They could charge 2-3x easily. They made booking and planning a breeze. The detailed itinerary I received before my trip was amazing. Plans, confirmation numbers, reservations, important numbers and information, recommendations, etc. The itinerary was worth their fee alone. Most importantly, they are incredibly knowledgeable at what they do and friendly. They truly want their clients to have the best experiences. I never knew I needed a travel planner but now I can’t imagine not using SN. Where to next?
Scott Eisen
We have used Spirited Navigators about three times and they have never disappointed us. They are very diligent and always a step ahead in anticipating clients needs. Our interests and concerns were well attended which made our vacations very memorable. A big thanks to Saadia and Kapil.
I really enjoyed working with the team at Spirited Navigators to plan my recent trip to Morocco (June/July 2022). They made many wonderful recommendations and made the process seamless. They also stayed connected with us throughout the trip to ensure that we had all the information we needed. I highly recommend working with them and I have already recommended them to family and friends.
This company has definitely made a repeat customer! They planned an excellent 40th birthday trip to Hawaii for me, one that I won’t soon forget. They way they had organized made logistical sense, and they took time to make sure we rested on our trip too. Don’t know how they did it, but the itinerary that made for us had both local tips and must-see experiences as well. It was their mix of local knowledge and organization that really struck me. I had zero time to plan my vacation due to a stressful work situation, and Spirited Navigators swooped in and just about saved my trip. I really had the best time being able to rest but also stay active enough to make the travel worth while. I really can’t thank them enough. If you’re looking for an affordable, thorough, and organized company to help you plan your next trip, look no further!
Charlyn O
SN recommended Lapland for our 25 Anniv celebration. It was a wonderful destination, the hotels recommended were in top locations and boutique style, very tasteful, and activities planned were a lot of fun and unique. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip
Sreedevi Mandalapu
Everything went really well, Saadia was responsive and helpful It was a well organized trip The hotels were nice Thank you for everything
Vinuta Nirmal
Saadia and Kapil recently organized the local tours for our Greece trip to Mykonos, Santorini and Athens. Their travel knowledge and experience allowed them to pick the best of the best. The food tour in Athens and the sailing tour in Santorini were out of the world experiences. They were very prompt in making the reservations and accessible anytime of the day for questions. We were able to enjoy the trip and stay relaxed without worrying about making tour reservations. I will definitely use their services for our next trip.
Sreedevi Mandalapu
Great experience working with Spirited Navigator for our extended family summer trip to Switzerland. They are very professional. Provide all the information you would need for your trip. They think of everything. They are proactive in thinking of what you would need and making arrangements accordingly. They are available any time of the day even when you are on the trip. We had an incident on our trip where the Tour bus company didn't give us the bus that we had requested for one of the legs of he trip. We contacted Kapil and Saadia, and midway on our journey, we were given the bus we had requested. Awesome service and totally worth it if you are looking for worry free vacation planning. I would recommend them any day to my family, friends and co-workers.
Thank you for helping us with our trip to Italy. One of the best things about Spirited Navigators was that they were always available to answer any questions we had prior to leaving and in Italy as well. They created a very detailed itinerary keeping in mind our needs and also gave us a list of local activities and restaurants. At the same time they were very patient and accommodating when we made changes to itinerary. I would definitely use them to plan and organize my future trips
Anitha A
It was a pleasure working with Spirited Navigators team in planning our Switzerland vacation. They went above and beyond and created a very detailed itinerary for our vacation. We loved all their recommendations for restaurants, places to visit and things to do in different parts of the country. Every little detail was spot on including transportation options, train schedules, hotel suggestions. We were very thrilled with the amount of knowledge they have of Switzerland, I doubt even a local resident would have been able to able to give us that much detail about this country. If you are planning a vacation to Switzerland or any other country let Kapil and Saadia plan your trip for you, chances are they have been there and they will make your trip memorable and turn your dream and vision into reality with no work except packing your bags.
Sandeep & Darsh
Thank you Spirited Navigators for planning our Arizona trip to perfection. They provided us with extremely detailed information for an active vacation with kids at a reasonable pace (tall order). The itinerary included information such as must visit cities within Arizona, mileages/timing it would take for us to travel from one city to another, airport tips, car rental tips, restaurant recommendations and much more. In addition, list of activities with websites, phone numbers and SN tips (my favorite) to book ahead was priceless. There is no way we would be able to get this level of information by searching online. They are the experts and they know what they are doing. I will definitely rely on them for my future travels, especially for Europe.
Ami Desai
Spirited Navigators have helped me plan many vacations! When I have a place in mind, I always ask for their input on where to stay, what to eat, and major sights to visit. When I know I need a vacation, but can't decide where, Spirited Navigators are full of destination ideas. Always willing to share their own experience in a particular city or country, or help you with research if they haven't been there themselves. Spirited Navigators have also given me great ideas on how to have a enjoyable budget friendly trip. They are always the first I consult with when planning a trip.
Ana T.
Spirited Navigators are ALWAYS my go to for questions on anything travel related - from what should I bring, how should I pack my stuff - to where should I eat and what are the must sees at any destination. You can truly feel the love that they have for ANYTHING travel related (even if it is what shoes you should wear). It makes picking a vacation spot much more comfortable, especially for a homebody like me. Any question isn't too big or to small for them, they are amazing on all their advice and recommendations. I would never go anywhere without talking it over with Spirited Navigators first.
Ann N.
I am soo glad to have met Spirited Navigators since they are definitely my number one go to people when it comes to travel. A while back I was planning a trip to the Caribbeans and I just wasn't sure where to start, so I decided to ask Spirited Navigators and I am glad I did. Not only were they able to provide me with a good deal, they also advised me on what to bring and what to expect at some of these locations. To me its always best to ask someone who has been there and who has done it, truly Spirited Navigators have the knowledge and experience of traveling. If you want a great deal! Ask Spirited Navigators!
Josh L.
Nicely done, very attentive and knowledgeable. I need to fly more often now and certainly will use them again.
Francisco V.
I love to travel and thoroughly enjoy researching and planning before all my trips. No detail is too small for me. Even so, since 2009, there is not a single trip that I have planned without asking Spirited Navigators for advice or help in finding the best deals on flights or top must see places. Not only are they passionate about traveling themselves, they are equally enthusiastic about encouraging others to find their inner wanderlust. Spirited Navigators is extremely knowledgeable and anything that they are not 100% sure about - they go out of their way to research, reads lots of reviews, or seeks advice from other travelers in their network so that you don't have to. Spirited Navigators makes planning any trip easy and pleasurable. They are my top choice every time!
Tania N.
I became a wanderlust after my UCLA study abroad program and since has traveled to over 40 countries, 6 continents. With that said, there's no one else that I would thoroughly enjoy sharing every single one of those places with than Spirited Navigators. Their desire and passion to explore the world goes hand in hand with their skill to create amazing itineraries that will leave you with priceless memories. Their recommendations are on point from what to pack, what to see, and especially where to eat! There is no travel obstacle they can't overcome and that's why Spirited Navigators is ALWAYS my go to travel guide!
Mary C.
Spirited Navigators, thank you so much for helping me with my trip to Costa Rica!!!!!! Traveling to a different country requires so much research and so much time. You made it very easy for me though. Planning my wedding was consuming so much of my time. Your research and the detailed information and tips that you gave me for my trip were so helpful. You are very thorough and fast at responding. You also help me save a lot of money!!!! I really appreciate all your help. Thank you for providing me with all the transportation options available within the country. I was so scared to book that because I didn't know if the companies I had been looking out were legitimate. Your list of options was so detailed with company names, descriptions, phone numbers and prices. I took your advice for some of the activities you suggested and I had a blast. Thank you so much again! I will be contacting you again for my next trip. ?
Ruby M.
To know Spirited Navigators is to truly understand one's love and passion for travel. They are easily the best people to go to with any travel related questions/ideas/opinions. I cannot remember the number of times I've gone to Spirited Navigators for suggestions and tips regarding anything to do with travel, whether it's logistical or even a simple "what kind of clothes to take" question. They are knowledgable, helpful and always willing to make things a little simpler for people like me who wish we could travel more. Thank you Spirited Navigators, I'm always living vicariously through you!
Silvee Z.
Spirited Navigators is the go-to place when deciding what to do when traveling abroad. I had done a study-abroad program with my school this past month in England, and was going to travel around Italy for 8 days afterwards. Since this was my first time traveling without my family, I was very nervous and stressed on planning and embarking on this journey. I came to Spirited Navigators for advice on what to do, and I received so much more than that. They gave me a full detailed itinerary that I took EVERYWHERE with me. With their help, as a first-time traveler, I was able to see 6 cities in 8 days without hesitation. From where to eat, what to see and what to do... they told me everything in detail up to the bus number and what routes to take. They will do all the research for you to make sure you are at ease on your vacation! I would definitely recommend planning your next trip with Spirited Navigators. 10/10!!!
Sushma K.
Spirited Navigators make going on vacation a breeze. Their thorough and meticulous research when planning tours make for an enjoyable and interactive vacationing experience. They have always updated and shared with me important infomation, sent friendly reminders, offered budget-friendly options, and given me tips on travel safety. I really appreciate how understanding they are of individual needs, requirements, and interests, and they aim to please their guests. I have never felt pressured by them, and they have always been respectful of their guests. I always have difficulty finding the right travel buddy, and Spirited Navigators has introduced me to some of the most amazing people who were a joy to travel with. When you travel with Spirited Navigators, you travel with peace of mind, you travel safely, and you embark on a new adventure. Can't recommend them enough!
Jane G.
Where do I start about the passion that Spirited Navigators have for traveling? Or the passion with which they helps ANYONE out who reaches out about their upcoming trips. From scoring the best airfare to getting the hotels in the center of wherever your travels take you to what to see and where to to eat, they have it all covered. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask any and all questions you have regarding your upcoming trip!!!!
Humayun Rajput
Spirited Navigators have been my go-to for all travel related matters. I enjoy traveling but don't like planning. Spirited Navigators have helped me with travel itineraries from beginning to end. They ask the right questions and always have fun suggestions and ideas. This past summer my husband and I only had 2-3 days in Paris. Spirited Navigators planned everything out for us in the most efficient way possible, including places to eat, how to get from place to place, free tours, even good picture spots. I carried around their itinerary the entire time and referred to it constantly. They have a true passion for traveling and is my only source for everything travel.
Abby Reyes
I wanted to surprise my wife with a trip to Italy for her birthday! Feeling completely overwhelmed and lost that I wouldn't get the best prices on flights and hotels I reached out to Spirited Navigators. They monitored flight prices and the hotel rates and got us some amazing deals! They put together a complete itinerary for our trip from soup to nuts! It made the experience that much more amazing! Needless to say we just returned from our trip to Rome. It was one of the best vacations we have ever been on! Spirited Navigators made it affordable and manageable for us to go on a bucket list vacation and we cannot thank them enough!
Kim Wilcox
Spirited Navigators make going on vacation a breeze. Their thorough and meticulous research when planning tours make for an enjoyable and interactive vacationing experience. They have always updated and shared with me important infomation, sent friendly reminders, offered budget-friendly options, and given me tips on travel safety.
En Aj Semog
When I think of travel, I think of Spirited Navigators! Over the years, they have inspired me to seize any travel opportunities that come my way. I recently traveled to Ireland and Iceland and Spirited Navigators created a detailed and comprehensive itinerary for our 10-day trip, outlining not only the classic to-do's, but also the hidden gems as well. Their recommendations were so valuable and made me feel at ease, especially since I was traveling without my family for the first time. I continue to rely on Spirited Navigators' insight for even the smallest trips and in doing so, I feel 100% confident that I'm making the most out of my time. Their vast knowledge of travel, domestic and international, has no limits and I could not recommend Spirited Navigators enough!
Nidhi Parekh
When we were planning a family vacation to Cancun , I knew I had to contact Spirited Navigators to help me sort through the numerous options. Looking online on your own is so time consuming and so many hotels have sponsored posts and reviews it's impossible to know what is a good hotel option. They gave me a great list of options and even gave me a separate list in case the first ones were sold out. They gave me insider tips on booking my trip and very quick to respond. I wasn't exactly sure on the budget so it was great that they told me a realistic price to pay even during spring break (high season). I will definitely contact them again the next time I travel. Thank you Spirited Navigators!!
Neepa Sikdar

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