Book Review: The Geography of Bliss

The Geography of Bliss Author: Eric Weiner Big Picture Where is the happiest place on earth? Is it Switzerland? Netherlands? Qatar? India? Iceland? America? or somewhere else entirely? That is [...]


Why You Should Travel

We’re often told, “You guys travel a lot”; actually we don’t. If anything, we don’t travel enough, because there is no such thing as traveling a lot. To make our [...]


Review: Finnair – It Could Be Better

We flew Finnair eight times between the two of us this year and despite being ranked no. 25 on the list of world’s top 100 airlines, it fell short on ours (skytrax 2017). Flight Specifications [...]


Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Vatican City

Vatican City is all of 109 acres, but despite it’s small size, the country is a history and art lover’s delight. We would recommend 1.5 days to see it without feeling rushed, but if pressed for [...]


Newton, NJ Turns Into Diagon Alley – Or Does It?

On November 25, the sleepy town of Newton, New Jersey transformed into Diagon Alley, the make believe wizarding alley and shopping area of the Harry Potter series, magically situated in London. [...]


L’As Du Fallafel – Must Eat in Paris!

On our first trip to Paris, 12 years ago, we stumbled upon L’as Du Fallafel in Le Marais. Since then, we have made it a tradition to eat what we feel are the BEST falafel we’ve ever had, every [...]


Paris, City of Lights

Paris is often referred to the city of lights, and for good reason! From the first time you set foot in this elegant city, you are very aware of the important role the concept of light plays in [...]


Gifts for Every Type of Traveler in your Life

This is our favorite time of the year to compile a list of what we find to the BEST gifts for travelers! Some of the things we have, and a few things are on our wishlist as well. Read below to [...]

Travels of 2017

2017 has been a relatively low key travel year for us. Yet, we managed to explore a different part of our beautiful planet almost every month! We are very blessed to be able to travel and never [...]


Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark is the most relaxed of all the Scandinavian capital city. With its laid back attitude and easy access from the airport to the city center, it’s a wonderful city to explore [...]

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