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We Found Our Balance, We Can Help You Find Yours!

We have spent countless hours fantasizing what it would be like to leave everything behind and go on an adventure around the world. And before we can finish conjuring up our fantasy travel route, we hear the phone ring. It dawns on us that it’s a Tuesday afternoon, we’re at work, project deadline was 2 days ago, the emails have piled up, there’s a voice-mail from company X hounding us down at work for God knows what. We exhale a deep sigh and proceed with our list of what needed to be done yesterday and let our dreams of traveling the world take a backseat (for now).  During our next mental break, we will read the blogs of those who have left their jobs, lives and drama behind and taken off on their personal Round The World (RTW) trip.

Let’s face it, chances of ever being able to just pack up and go are slim to none, and that’s OK. It’s not an easy task to head on a RTW trip when you have a mortgage, student loans, car loans, and a family to support. In fact, it’s not even a logical thing to ponder on, but we do it anyway. So our big task in life is not to figure out how we can drop it all and head out, but how can we find an ideal balance between the life we have to live, and the life we would like to live. For the most part, we’d say we do a darn good job.

For Saadia, it’s luck. Luck that she does not work in the corporate world, therefore, has more flexibility when it comes to taking days off. She is not limited to 2 weeks of vacation a year. As a result, her philosophy of being on travel on average once a month is pretty feasible. That does not mean she is hop-skipping around a different continent every month, but that she is getting away from her home base regularly.

For Kapil, it’s the field he is in. As a consultant, he is able to enjoy the perks of the corporate world, without being bound by the corporate limitations. He works on assignments that have an end in sight. As a result, he can travel for however long he wishes in between assignments. It gives him incredible amount of flexibility.

Between work-related travels, planned vacations, road trips to nearby states, and spontaneous getaways, going away once a month is not difficult but can be a challenge when it comes to paying for it.

So how do we manage? We prioritize. Travel is a big, big deal to us. We put it above all other commitments, barring the life and death ones. It’s the very essence of who we are as individuals and as partners. We simply LOVE to travel!

The biggest contributor to our many trips is that we are brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) when it comes to finding deals. Between knowing where and how to scout out travel gems and following the right people/brands on social media, we cover our bases from almost every angle, adding new insights every day. We know which prices are too high, when it’s worth waiting for a lower ticket, which sites to set up alert with and in general are flexible (in terms of destination, if nothing else). Our dream is to travel the world, and because the ENTIRE world is part of our list of places to visit, we can be flexible with our destination choices. So if one month we have our heart set on Tokyo but an unbelievable deal for Costa Rica comes by, we will go to the latter. That gives us the biggest advantage.

This is also a primary reason for why we started Spirited Navigators; it takes a lot of time and effort and diligence to plan an exceptional trip but we specialize in that! We take great care with each trip we plan for a client and we are really proud of the work we do. We wanted to help others plan their trip so that they could simply enjoy their travels! We offer a ton of different options in our travel services.

In addition to that, we often got asked by friend and family if they could travel with us. This gave us the idea to start our own tours. We are so blessed to have conducted three over the last year and we are even more excited about the three that we have coming up!

Finding a balance between work and travel can be difficult but where there is will, there is a way. If the desire is strong enough, it’s certainly an attainable goal and we can show you how.

So, let us help you find your balance and lead you to Happy and Safe Travels!

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