How Often Do You Travel?

On average, we travel once a month, although some months we take multiple trips while other months we may not have any.

Which Country Is Your Most Visited?

We have been to Switzerland over 25 times…so Swiss for the win!

Do You Ever Travel Solo?

Yes. We both love solo adventures as much as we love traveling together. So, we go on solo trips at least once a year. We strongly believe solo travel is essential for both self improvement and better understanding of this world and all of us who reside in it. It enhances our relationship as travel partners as well.

What Is The Most Cost Effective Place To Visit?

As a general statement, both Southeast Asia and parts of Central America are extremely affordable compared to Europe or Oceania. But, as stated in the question above, details will always vary depending on your travel style, time of travel, etc.

How Much Money Do I Need To Travel To _______?

This is a difficult question to answer as there is no one right answer. However, here are some basic ways to begin narrowing down an affordable place (note: affordable differs from person to person and we are only giving the generalizations here).
First, it obviously depends on where you travel, some regions of the world are more expensive than others (think Scandanavia vs Southeast Asia). As a result, your home currency will last longer in the less expensive regions.
Second, the type of traveler you are makes a huge difference. Luxury travelers will have a completely different budget compared to backpackers. Then there are those of us who fall into neither extremes.
Third, when you travel also makes a huge impact on cost. Summer vacations (when students are generally off from school) as well as holidays tend to be higher than off-peak seasons (this varies place to place).

How Can You Afford To Travel So Much?

For us, this is a relatively easy question to answer. We believe the ability to travel exists for everyone, the style of travel may differ, but the ability to get up and go, explore and discover is within everyone’s reach. The only reason some people are able to while others aren’t have to do with priority. Because travel is our #1 priority, we are able to make decisions that benefit the same. Some spend money going to concerts, we spend money on airfare. Some spend money going out for drinks, we spend money going zip lining. It all comes down to what you want to do more, then the ability to save for such is a lot easier.

I’d Like To Go On A Solo Trip But Not Sure How To Start

That’s awesome! We promise, you will not regret it! It is one of the best things we’ve ever done for ourselves and we’ve never looked back.

The best place to start for a solo travel is to go somewhere relatively nearby (within a couple of hours flying time), for a short duration (think long weekend) and pick a place you know the language. Traveling solo for the first time can be overwhelming, you don’t want the hassle of language barrier to add to it.

If you live in the States, for example, take a solo trip to another US city for a long weekend or head to an English speaking country like United Kingdom or countries where English is largely spoken like Iceland, Ireland (presumably if you are reading this, you are at ease with the English language). Cities are best for first time solo travels since they are more oriented with things to do/see and the opportunity to meet people are more than a beach destination where the feeling of being alone is more likely to be apparent.

If you’d like to discuss more in detail, then feel free to contact us as we specialize in travel planning.


We’ve been traveling for most of our lives, since we were kids. We’ve been traveling together for 15 years!

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