Our Mission Statement

Spirited Navigators’ goal is to help people become comfortable traveling around the world, be it is solo, with family, and/or friends. Self awareness and discovery comes from understanding the world we live in.  Without this, realization of how inexperienced we are will never seep in.

We take pride in having traveled many countries with years of experience behind us. We have deep passion for learning about various cultures of the world; different cultures intrigue us. We continue to learn and that never stops. We believe that traveling is the most profound form of education. Spirited Navigators want to help you feel the same with ease. Let us curate custom trips and itineraries for you in such a way that will make you want to explore the world endlessly! We would also like to invite you to join us on one of our many tours so that you can experience the positive impact of travel just as we do!

Most importantly, we want to partner with hospitality and airline industries to build and promote positive tourism. In that process we want to be able to help build, strengthen, and bring awareness to communities in challenging areas of the world. We truly believe in social causes that can change people’s lives whether it be in a small scale such as helping in a soup kitchen or a much bigger collaboration like working with Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations.

Come…explore with Spirited Navigators. Let’s navigate, learn and improve our world together!

  • Kapil Desai
    Kapil Desai Founder/Photographer

    Kapil has vast experience consulting at Fortune 100 Corporations in various industries (Pharmaceutical, Finance & Banking, Telecommuications, Insurance to name a few), and with his business acumen, he made a sharp decision to develop his passion into something meaningful to help others discover our world in different ways and full of positivity. Travel is very important to Kapil; he truly believes it is the best form of education one can receive to remain humble and gain discipline.

    In addition, Kapil has a unique perception when it comes to capturing travel moments through photography. Incredibly meticulous about every frame of shot, he will spend however long it takes to ensure that the moment he’s seeing in real life is what you’ll see as a viewer in reel life. It’s not about the camera for him, it’s about the vision.

    A wanderlust himself, he is known for spontaneous travel. One minute he’s contemplating on where to go and the next minute (literally) he buys a ticket to a destination and is set to leave the same day! Yea, it doesn’t get more spontaneous than that, folks. With his spontaneity comes a lot of last minute everything, which includes boarding the plane as the last passenger, often. Kapil is passionate about airports, airlines and visual concepts. So if you read about these three topics on the blog, chances are, he’s the source.

    Two of Kapil’s non-travel passions are fitness and latin music. If you ever step into his car and think you hear a distant noise in the background, turn up the volume, it’s Latin music playing on his radio! Kapil is serious about leading a healthy life style, which travel does not often inherently lend itself to. So, you can be sure that if Kapil is traveling to a destination, the only research he will have done is whether or not there is access to a fitness center nearby.

  • Saadia Shamsie
    Saadia Shamsie Founder/Writer

    “Hand me a book and put me on a plane to anywhere – I’m the happiest girl in the world! Keep me in one place for too long and I become obnoxiously restless!” This pretty much sums up Saadia.

    Traveling since the age of 7 months, Saadia’s father played an instrumental part in her wanderlust. Never outright stating the benefits or importance of travel, he made sure the family traveled a lot. In his eyes, it was the best form of education. These countless road trips and annual international trips would be the catalyst to a lifelong desire to wander the world.

    Saadia is a planner and has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). She loves researching destinations, creating itineraries, and while not strict about following them, she likes to have background knowledge of everywhere she goes. Ask her what she’s doing in the next five years, she has no clue, ask her what trips she’s got planned, and she’ll spit out her itinerary instantaneously. When she’s not traveling or writing about travel, she’s writing about food, life and reading five or six books simultaneously.

    Saadia graduated with an IT degree, eventually leading to a career in the US Army and US Navy.  Her ability to connect to people and inspire others through her travel stories, is just one of the many facets of her interesting life.  In addition, Saadia is a trained classical dancer and now teaches kids part-time.  A truly multi-talented woman all around, her love for travel radiates with much power when travel-related conversations happen.

    Saadia’s biggest takeaway from travel is the learning experience; she absorbs moments in such a way that every destination, no matter how big or small changes her. She attributes her open-mindedness and understanding of humanity and the world to her travels.

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