Mission Statement

Spirited Navigators’ goal is to help people become comfortable traveling around the world be it is solo, with family and/or friends. Self awareness and discovery comes from understanding the world we live in.  Without this, realization of how inexperienced we are will never seep in.

We take pride in having traveled many countries with years of experience behind us, and also having a deep passion to learn about the cultures of the world. We continue to learn, and that never stops. We believe that traveling is the best form of education anyone can have in life. Spirited Navigators (Kapil & Saadia) want to help you feel the same with ease. Let us help you customize your trips and itineraries in such a way that will make you want to explore the world endlessly!

Furthermore and importantly, we want to partner with hospitality and airline industries to build and promote positive tourism. In that process we want to be able to help build and strengthen communities in challenging areas of the world and bring awareness to these areas because we truly believe in social causes that can change people’s lives.

Come…explore with Spirited Navigators; and let’s navigate, learn and improve our planet together!