Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Antelope Canyon

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  1. Mafer Aub says :Reply

    Hey guys! Thank you for taking the time and writing this post, I was looking for information and you condensed it all in the most honest way. I really dislike getting to a place to find out it’s a tourist trap, and yes expectations it’s half of it! I wanted to ask you if you have gone to peek a boo slot canyon? If yes how was your experience? Should we skip antelope and do only peekaboo? Thanks you!

    1. SpiritedNavigators says :Reply

      Hi Mafer!

      Thank you for your feedback, we always truly appreciate it! We have not been to peek-a-boo, so we can’t speak to that. However, you definitely should not skip Antelope Canyon. It is beautiful and definitely worth seeing. However, a few ways to minimize having an experience like ours is to avoid weekends (especially holiday weekends) and arriving early. By midday, it’s a chaotic scene to the lower canyons especially. We think if you can apply those two rules, you’ll have a much less crowded time than we did. Have a great time! Do let us know how peek-a-boo canyon is if you end up going.

      Safe travels!

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